Hey everyone! My name is Ryan. I am a cosplay and portrait photographer based out of Houston, Texas. I am so glad that you came by my site to visit! I hope that you enjoy all of my galleries!

I got into photography in 2007 when my mom decided to make the transition from film to digital. She offered me the opportunity to use an old SLR that she had for years and years. As such, I was officially the owner of my very first SLR. I had to learn to focus manually, as the lens that came with it was defective. Since then, I have upgraded my gear several times.

In 2009, I created a Facebook page named "Albino Llama Studios". It started as a deal with a handful of friends to get them "professional", guided portraits that they could post online for their cosplay portfolios. While that remains my primary focus, my photography has evolved into so much more.

In May of 2014, I made an executive decision to change my name from "Albino Llama Studios" to "Full Frame Hero". In September of 2016, I started putting together a small in-home portrait studio where I can create more artistically focused photographs while being able to fine tune and control my environment.